Workforce & Economic Mobility


Proactive Access

By Dr. George R. Boggs & Dr. Sonya Christian California has been a leader in providing access to postsecondary education since the early 1900s with the passage of the 1907 Upward Extension Act.  The development of junior and community colleges gave students—even in remote areas of our state—who couldn’t afford to leave home to enroll…

Earn and Learn: Expanding Work-Based Learning Opportunities

As the Kern Community College District (Kern) continues to develop successful career pathways for non-traditional students, one consistent theme that emerges is the need to develop a range of work-based learning opportunities into the learning experience. By earning and learning through on-the-job training programs, students are able to support themselves and their families while developing important…

Evolving our energy systems to create climate resilience and equitable benefits

By Sonya Christian, Kern Community College District Chancellor, and Martin Keller, Director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Kern County is one of the top oil-producing counties in the nation, but it is also a community that has embraced its renewable resources and now produces 60% of the renewable energy in California, the world’s fifth…

Good Jobs Demand Education

Welcome to the new Jobs Demand Education blog, a place to share new approaches to workforce and economic development with a goal of supporting economic mobility for our community while staying committed to the health of our people and the health of our environment.